As Enterprise applications, data, and infrastructure move to the cloud, identity is the new perimeter. Employees, contractors, partners, and hackers are continuously trying to access Enterprise cloud assets from everywhere. Controlling access is key to security and compliance. Access and authorization is the critical security layer that protects your sensitive and valuable cloud assets and prevents unauthorized access.

Despite substantial innovation in identity space during the last five years, access and authorization remains stuck in stone ages. In fact, the rapid proliferation of cloud platforms has made it harder to manage access and authorization, due to the rapid rate of change, large scale, and substantial increase in complexity. As a result, Enterprises face serious security risks as they move to cloud, due to poorly managed access and authorization.

We started Orkus in 2017 with the mission to simplify and secure access and authorization for Enterprise data, applications, and infrastructure across hybrid clouds. This is a complex problem to solve because access and authorization is spread across the Enterprise – starting with Active Directory – the mother of all access control, to databases, private cloud, and public cloud. The scale and diversity of access and authorization controls led us to the conclusion that a unified, real-time platform is required to simplify and secure access.

To develop and refine the platform, we worked with a wide range of large Enterprises and design partners for the past one year. Now, we are launching the Orkus Cloud Access Governance Platform™.

Using the Orkus platform, companies are automating access governance with an intelligent platform that learns and constantly monitors access patterns, and continuously secures your data, infrastructure and privileged identities in cloud. Orkus creates your access graph and monitors and updates it in real-time, mapping “who” has access to “what”, to proactively secure access and authorization for your cloud assets.
Key benefits provided by the Orkus Cloud Access Governance Platform are:

  • Secure Data—secure sensitive cloud data from external exposure and insider threats.
  • Protect Infrastructure—secure access to high risk actions to protect critical infrastructure from operator error and malicious attacks.
  • Lock Down Privileged Identities—eliminate risk of excess or stale privileged access and control access to sensitive roles.
  • Automate Compliance—automate access and authorization controls required for compliance to GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and PCI.
  • Enable Access Audits & Investigations—easily query current and historical access provisioning and usage, with visualization and reporting.

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